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We, Joannes Van Laer en Lucas Schelkens have known each other for over 30 years, but it’s only now that we are sharing our passion for exceptional accessories and furniture with each other and you. The range goes from different periods in time over different places of origin.

Joannes van Laer is one of Belgium’s well-known interior decorators with clients all over the world. In his daily life as well as in his designs Joannes likes bright colors, vivant art in combination with evergreens and classic antiques. It all fits stylishly well together in welcoming environments.

Lucas Schelkens formerly known from LUCAS LA was featured many times in Angeleno, LA Times, NY Times, Architectural Digest,…. And always was said to follow only his own course away from the dull and boring. A bit provocative even. As he missed LA after returning to his roots (Belgium) he talked to his old friend Joannes and together they are bringing now the best of both worlds.